Membership requirements for Asanteman Association of Chicago and Midwest (AACM) are as follow: 

  1. Age limit for membership shall be 18 years and above.                                                         
  2.  Person born of Asante parents; a native of Asante – one who shall hail from any    “AMANTON” which pays allegiance to the Golden Stool of Asante.
  3.  Person of Asante spouse.
  4.  Membership shall be open to Asantefuo within the Metropolitan Chicago Area.



  1. There shall be a one-time registration fee of fifty US Dollars ($50) with a filled application form to become a card holding member of the organization.
  2.  Monthly dues of ten US Dollars ($10) could be paid monthly, or in advance quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  3. There shall be sixty (60) days probation on new members from registration (paid) day before full membership benefits are accorded them.  Any member delinquent in due for three (3) months is not a member in good standing.
  4. Registration Fees and Membership Dues are not refundable at any time.